And welcome to sketchmestars, a blog run by Sarah (also known as @sarahastra on her social media feeds), a girl in her early 20s originally from Indonesia who’s currently roaming the world in her own pace. 

Sarah says: Essentially, sketchmestars is intended to be a media to share about anything of my interests and hoping that it could give new insights and useful information to the readers as well. Along the lines of enthusiasm there would definitely be some traveling, career, financial planning, books, and other random amusing everyday life moments included. Moreover, sketchmestars serve as a place to pursue a goal of continuously writing until I could finally be confident enough to start writing and publish my own book. On a side-note, travel-writing about my journeys is something I want to focus on in hopes that I could inspire myself and others to travel more and more.

Got anything to say regarding this blog?
sketchmestars would love to hear back from readers, whether in the form of a simple, lovely ‘hi’, suggestions, and also constructive criticism. For any questions and inquiries, please do send a message by emailing me at: sketchmestars@gmail.com. It could also includes invitations of partnerships, press, advertisements, and also collaborations.