This has been a while…

The thing that keeps me failing on keeping tab on my own blog is definitely commitment and many wacana sessions, a big turmoil inside myself. I started writing with the address sketchmestars since high school, then stopped, then decided to continue again when I started studying abroad, and then I found myself stop again. Sometimes  I hate myself on the amount of things I did not continue simply because I was lazy and lacked commitment.

The thing is, I like writing. I want to write more, share more, articulate my thoughts more, and I feel like blogging should be the start of it all. Even with the amount of other outlets to do so, i.e. microblogging (twitter), photo-journaling (instagram), and vlogging (youtube) which I have tried (except vlogging, I just can’t  bring myself to do it lol)  I still feel like writing something pretty lengthy is best to be done in this channel. So, here I am, after 3 years of putting ‘back to blogging’ as my yearly resolution but failed to achieve doing so: Setting up and writing my own blog again. Less restricted, more words, more pictures, raw. Will make sure this one stays by committing to at least one post per month (because I know once a week will get too hard soon)! And I will allow myself to hone and practice my writing in both English and Indonesian. As I said, less restricted me.


À bientôt,
Sarah A.

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